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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I water my lawn?

Your watering frequency will depend on a number of factors: time of year, type of grass, type of soil. Typically a lawn should receive at least 1 inch of water per week from natural rain or from sprinklers.

Be careful not to water your lawn too much. Your lawn needs moisture, nutrients, and air to grow. By watering to much, you can continuously saturate your soil to the point where the grass roots lack air and cannot grow deep enough roots which will cause many problems. On the other hand, make sure your lawn gets enough water, or else it could go dormant.

What time of day should I water?

The ideal time to water a lawn is early morning. It is best to avoid watering on the day a lawn is mowed.

Is it safe for kids and pets to be in the yard after a fertilizer application?

Yes.  Our 100% Organic Fertilizer is completely safe for kids and pets.  Our Traditional Programs should be watered in or allowed to dry before entering the turf areas.

Our synthetic fertilizers and broadleaf weed sprays should be watered in, or allowed to dry before kids and pets enter the treated area. A flag is always placed on the property to indicate when a fertilizer has been applied.

Do you bag grass clippings?

No. Grass clippings are beneficial to your lawn because they recycle the fertilizer you have already applied to your yard, and its nutrients act as a natural fertilizer. Grass clippings can supply about 30% of the nitrogen your lawn needs to stay healthy and green.

How often will you mow my lawn?

Weekly, generally on the same day of the week, weather permitting.

How often do you fertilize?

We offer a 6 step traditional program and a 4 step organic program that starts around the first of April and ends in November. Our applications are applied 5-8 weeks apart depending on which program you sign up for.

How often do you sharpen your mower blades and why?

We sharpen our mower blades daily. Dull blades tear grass instead of cutting a nice clean edge. When grass is torn, it is more susceptible to fungus and stress.

Should I water my yard after you apply fertilizer?

All fertilizer should be watered in. If weed spray is applied at the same time as fertilizer, you should wait one day to water, so the spray isn't washed away.